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Version 001 beta
Reach all your people with a single text message

CMS-ATLAS Beta gives entrepreneurs and business owners the power to send deals, offers, promotions, events, alerts, news, surveys, and whatever else they can think of to all of their customers anytime they want. From their mobile phone, With a text message.

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cloudSEND IT

No complicated systems or technologies.

You focus on your products, services, customers, and your business!

We focus on bringing you new clients, customers, subscribers, users, members, and business.

We optimize your website for search.

We optimize your website for speed.

We bring you repeat business month after month. Year after year.

This is the easiest way possible to start and/or grow your business using the internet.

You get all the benefits of a web / marketing team with none of the hassle.

CODE MARKET SELL's core mission...
Get you more visitors

more visitors equals more customers

Increase your conversions

turn your website visitors into paying customers

Get you more sales

more people buying more of what you are selling

Get you repeat business

new and existing customers coming back again and again and again


CODE MARKET SELL uses analytics, market research, and information from major search engines, top performing websites, and SEO experts to get you results.

We modify and optimize the code and content on your website to comply with the best ethical practices for higher search engine rankings.

CODE MARKET SELL will continuously update and optimize your website in order to increase search engine rankings, drive more traffic, and generate more sales.

Don't have a website? no problem. We can build your website from scratch, completely optimized to crush the competition.

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We use data and analytics to create, execute, and manage highly targeted digital ad and email campaigns.

CODE MARKET SELL will design, send, and track all email product offers, newsletters, business updates, and all other email campaigns to customers and subscribers. Campaigns will be executed at least once every 30 days.

CODE MARKET SELL will perform highly targeted digital marketing that will send you more and more customers daily.


Everything mentioned before is specifically designed to generate exponential sales growth. This information is also used to further increase sales through continuous improvement and optimizations to your website, ads, and emails.

We also use this information to identify new opportunities and potential customers.

Simple and Virtually Risk Free

Our services will be paying for themselves in 90 days or less. If not we will lower our fee until our services are paying for themselves, or you can cancel all together.

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begin seeing results in as little as 30 days.

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